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“The most ferocious voice and talent we’ve heard jump out of the rock ‘n’ roll genre in a very very long time.” – from NY music blog, Culture of Me

Ouch My Face is a three-piece experimental punk band from Melbourne via rural Australia, who left home to avoid lives spent working in timber mills and butcher shops. Diminutive front-woman Celeste Potter cuts through the pummelling rhythm section like a diamond tipped chainsaw with her trademark banshee-like howls and chaotic lead guitar style. Penniless, friendless and having nothing better to do, Celeste along with Steven Huf (Bass) and Ben Wundersitz (Drums) locked themselves in a tiny inner city apartment for a year and did nothing but make music. In time they left their dark confines, christened themselves Ouch My Face and poured their ferocious art into the giant bubbling cauldron that is the Melbourne independent music scene. After a couple of years of lovingly paying their DIY band dues- driving from city to city in an old van, sleeping on floors, sticking up thousands of flyers and playing hundreds of shows, Ouch My Face have earned themselves a distinct reputation as a formidable, raw and viscerally exciting live act. Recently they have stirred and enticed audiences whilst opening for The Bronx, Shonen Knife, Regurgitator and Handsome Furs. In May of 2009, Ouch My Face released their debut EP, a five-track cocktail of rhythm and hostility, through Valve records. Their self-titled EP has received national radio play and glowing reviews from within Australia and internationally.

Ouch My Face are currently working on a full length album.


“Experimental punk-metal that you can dance to” – Christine Cassis, Rolling Stone Magazine

“A trio of the most normal-looking folk who make the most caustic sounds… glorious sounds, explosive, emancipated sounds that scream abandon, oblivion and climactic revelry.” – Jo Hill, Time Off Magazine


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